Urgent email from Nick Griffin – the facts they don’t want you reading

From: nickjgriffin@outlook.com
To: nickjgriffin@outlook.com
Subject: Urgent email from Nick Griffin – the facts they don’t want you reading
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 11:15:14 +0100

Dear BNP friend

The BNP is facing the biggest threat in its history. Together we have weathered many storms, but never in the 18 years of John Tyndall’s leadership nor the 15 years of mine did we see a danger on this scale.

The BNP could be dead and buried in a matter of weeks. You know I’ve always told the truth in the past, and I’m telling the uncomfortable truth again.

I am sending this explanation of the danger to our party to you personally, because there is still a chance that – if enough people put enough pressure on the new leadership – there is still time to make them change course and steer our party away from the rocks.

Please take the time to read my letter carefully, because everything so many of us have worked so hard to build is on the verge of being wiped out overnight very soon. It’s a tragedy in the making – made all the worse because it’s all so unnecessary.

When you have read it all please discuss it with all your BNP colleagues. But if any journalists ask for your views on such crazy leadership failings, tell them that internal  BNP business is for our members to decide and that you have nothing to say to the liars of the controlled media.

Of course, you will have questions, so please set them down in emails to me at this address. If you want to include your phone number, I’ll do my best to call you as well as returning your email.

Where do we go from here? Well, Adam Walker has refused all appeals for an urgent Executive Council meeting. He has even banned EC members from discussing Executive matters amongst each other!

No wonder people are calling his increasingly out-of-touch and dictatorial regime “the Wigton Soviet”!

Adam Walker has turned down flat the widespread demand for a series of regional meetings and an Emergency General Meeting where you could make your views felt and counted.

And he has had Pat Harrington pervert and ‘amend’ the Constitution to dodge having the immediate leadership election which should already be underway. So this isn’t going to be easy.

We  must step up the demand that the members be given back their stolen constitutional right to chose, and their hijacked party -before it’s too late!

Thank you for reading the letter below so carefully. It’s not easy to stare straight into the face of such a terrible danger to the Cause we all love. But we’re made of tough stuff or we wouldn’t still be here, would we?

So even while you’re reading every line of the letter, remember that British nationalism has gone through hard times before. We’ve always won through in the past and, together, we will again!

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin
President, British National Party.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Nick Thomas <@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 11:32 PM
Subject: Deadly serious
To: Adam Walker

Dear Adam Walker

It is now over two months since I told you about the huge potential threat to the security and indeed survival of the BNP.

This is the result of Clive Jefferson’s refusal to respond either to me, or to the Trustee in my bankruptcy, over the party legal debts (some genuine, some in my opinion inflated and contestable) that led to me being declared bankrupt.

There is no way of getting away from the fact that I was bankrupted over BNP legal bills. As a result, on the wording of the Constitution and basic bankruptcy law, the trustee now ‘owns´ my right to an indemnity from party central funds for such bills.

The various self-proclaimed ‘creditors’, include the Belfast printer who was jailed for reacting to being at loggerheads with Clive Jefferson by sending a carload of thugs to try to drive my daughter and son-in-law off the road.

With the Trustee’s own fees (hundreds of pounds per hour) and genuine and bogus creditors all taken together, the reality is that Clive Jefferson’s boast that “the BNP is debt-free has largely been achieved by dumping those debts on me personally – and they total around £300,000!

This presumably is one reason for the absurd and thoroughly Stalinist decision to airbrush my court battles out of the accounts of the BNP’s fight to expose Muslim grooming gangs.

Be that as it may, the BNP is not ‘debt-free’ at all. Because the Trustee in Bankruptcy now owns not just everything he can seize from me – he also owns the constitutionally prescribed right of any BNP Chairman to an indemnity for debts incurred or imposed on behalf of the party.

Far from being ‘debt-free’, the BNP is very soon going to be smashed with a demand for over £250,000. Once the additional costs of the Trustee, legal bills and Official Receiver (see below) are included,  the total could easily spiral to nearer £500,000.

You will recall that I explained to you that the problem was still not insoluble, and that the party should approach the matter in two ways:

The first was that you should order the Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, to find and give to the Trustee the waiver document that I signed several years ago.

This would provide the Party with good legal grounds to resist his claim (as you know, I tried repeatedly to get Clive to do this during the last two months of my leadership, and met only evasion). Since this has not been done it would appear that no such legal defence exists.

The second line of belated defence, therefore, is that the Trustee has a duty on behalf of genuine creditors to examine carefully all claims and to knock out unsubstantiated ones. In order to do so, however, he needs the co-operation of the National Treasurer, who in turn needs to work with me to go through each claim, invoice etc and provide evidence that some are bogus or inflated.

This could reduce the amount that is going to have to be paid if the BNP is to survive to something manageable. And such co-operation would facilitate an agreement with the Trustee for staged payments to be made over a period, which the party would be able to make and still survive. The golden eggs wouldn’t have to be too large to persude.him not to wring the BNP’s neck!

Both you and Clive Jefferson, sadly, continue to stick your heads in the sand and over many months have not acknowledged my communications or even returned my phone calls, let alone done anything about it.

All you have done is to insert a couple of revisions into the new version of the Constitution that you had ready to publish on the same day that you took over as Acting Leader, 19th July.

Written by Pat Harrington, the main line of ´defence´ on which you appear set to try to rely is that you have given yourself the purported  power to declare that any chunk of “central funds” aren´t “central funds” at all.

Leaving aside the questions of probity such a declaration would raise, I can tell you that this clause is childish nonsense. The best that can be said for it is that the Trustee may be more amused than annoyed at such a pathetic attempt to block his enormous legal powers.

I cannot believe that Pat Harrington actually thinks for one minute that this new clause will help in any way. Whatever else has so often been said about him, Pat has a very good legal brain – that is a key reason why I valued him as an advisor, albeit one who had to be kept in check. So what he´s playing at with this nonsense I do not know, but can tell you that it is a waste of paper.

Let us suppose that there is a bank account containing a large sum of money from a recent bequest to the BNP. It doesn´t matter where the account is or what it is called, or how Mr Jefferson used his power as Executor to vary the will and squirrel away somewhere else money left to the BNP or to him on behalf of the BNP. You as Acting Leader still ‘own’ that money on behalf of the party.

So if you give it away by declaring that it now isn´t within reach of the Trustee, he will use the same law that prevents a wealthy husband going bankrupt from giving the house to his wife. The Trustee will simply overturn the ´gift´ and take the lot.

To do so, of course, he needs control of the Party´s accounts and operation. So even if the money is not there, or even if it has been squirreled away in a hole in the ground, he will move in and use his powers to collect as much information as possible to find out what has come in, what there now is and where, and what happened to funds which have come in and gone out again.

I have spoken now with two businessmen with practical, professional experience of the application of UK bankruptcy laws. Given that the Trustee was appointed in the early spring, both have expressed surprise that he has not ALREADY applied for a Court Order to impose an Official Receiver on the BNP.

I am also sending a copy of the latest letter to me from the Trustee. You will note that at the end of page 2 he confirms his intention to claim against the party – and that Clive Jefferson has refused to answer his communications.

Thanks to the BNP debts dumped on me, I have had the misfortune of having to deal with him and his firm for months now and I can assure you that it is no idle threat. He is a very professional and thorough operator in a seriously big firm.

The fact that the Trustee has been slow in advancing his claim against the party up until now may be due to the unusual circumstances of his having to deal with the totally new problem of seizing the personal assets and salary and redundancy payment of an MEP.

By the end of this year I will, as you know, be personally out of pocket to the tune of some £50,000 as a result of the Trustee seizing my severance pay, out-of-pocket expenses reclaims from the European Parliament and money in my and Jackie´s joint account.

You and Clive Jefferson have clearly decided that it´s a good idea to leave me and my family hanging out to dry, but do not be misled into thinking that the Trustee´s legal problems dealing with EP rules have done anything more than delay the time when he comes after the BNP for the rest.

Let me put this in very simple words and in six basic bullet-point facts for you:

* One day before the end of the year, quite possibly within weeks, you will find that neither you nor Clive Jefferson nor Frank Hogarth control the BNP, its bank accounts, offices, computers, vehicles and assets right down to the last pencil.

* Overnight, the whole party, including assets held in its various subsidiaries and fronts, will be seized by a Court-appointed Official Receiver. What you have in effect now seized from the members by refusing to face a leadership election will in turn be seized from you.

* Everything will be frozen while he and his staff take over the office and do a first sweep through the computers and records.

* He will then decide whether the operation should be kept running as a “going concern” from which he can extract money for the Bankruptcy Trustee. All this work will of course be added to the legal bill at a rate of four figures every hour.

* If he finds a pot of legacy gold, he will take far, far more than the genuine debts could have been settled for had you only listened to common sense and followed my advice.

* If he doesn´t find enough to pay off the Trustee, he will wind the party up. You and all other paid staff will all receive ‘with immediate’ effect redundancy notices. If you or any of the Treasury staff obstruct him or lie to him, you will probably end up in prison. Once the Receiver begins his in-depth forensic examination of the party records, he will soon find anything you have tried to hide. Any assets bought privately with ‘redirected’ BNP money will face sequestration.

Thanks to your actions and inactions, the BNP is about to be thrown into a death spiral.

With income and activity already slashed to the bone as members´anger over your various misjudgements and petty tyranny rises, the news that the party´s entire admin staff have been replaced in their posts by a team from the Official Receiver will instantly cut income to zero.

Once income is Zero, the Receiver will simply declare the whole thing unviable and wind it up.

Well done, Adam, it will have taken you about four months to become the first ´leader´in British political history to have ´his´party destroyed by a winding up order.

The trouble, of course, it that it is not ýour´party. It is a great collective creation, the property of all those individuals who have sacrificed so much – time, money, comfort, security, physical well-being and countless relationships – to build it.

The tragedy is that all that sacrifice is now set to be in vain, because the way you have mishandled it will have turned a big problem that could have been dealt with, into an utter and almost certainly fatal disaster.

This issue is so deadly dangerous and urgent that I am not going to give you the chance to deflect attention from it by addressing, as I could in detail, the way in which you and Pat Harrington have forged a constitutional amendment to deny the members their right to a leadership election.

You have altered a section of the Constitution that you have the power to change, in order to block the obligation to hold an immediate leadership election which exists in S.8.1 which you do NOT have the power to change.

This is nearly as untenable legally as Pat Harrington’s similarly too-clever-by-half efforts to make things difficult for the Trustee. Since his axe will fall on your regime long before any challenge could be brought to your attempt to deny the members their rights, I am advising those who would otherwise launch and win such a challenge not to waste their time and money.

It will be far better employed in building the replacement that will have to be created once you and yours have destroyed the BNP.

Kipling is as apt as ever:

“If you can bear to see the words you’ve spoken,
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools
And see the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build them up with worn out tools….”

If needs be, I and many others like me will do just that.

There is still just possibly time to avert catastrophe, but it would require you to act as a true leader, instead of like a petulant schoolboy caught with his hand in a sweet jar.

You must engage with the Trustee and strive to buy time for money to come in with which to do a deal with him.

You should take action to rebuild the goodwill you have thrown away, starting by removing Pat Harrington as de facto leader, and Clive Jefferson as de facto owner, of the BNP.

Then call the overdue Leadership Election. If the members see that you accept that it is their party, they will move Heaven and Earth to save it.

If they see that you regard it as your personal property, and that you continue to refuse to listen to reason, they will leave you to sink without trace.

You may feel no duty to our members, but I do. Starting with the duty to tell them the truth about the gravity of the situation.

So I will not sit around and wait for the reply that, on previous form, you probably won’t send. Nor will I take any notice of your repeated threats of ‘disciplinary’ action.

I am giving you till tomorrow evening to call me and agree a serious plan to work together to sort out the shambles you have created.

If you fail to do so, I will send this letter to every local official in the party. Because it’s their party – and the members have the right to know!

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin
President, British National Party

One thought on “Urgent email from Nick Griffin – the facts they don’t want you reading

  1. Well said Mr Griffin! As many of us nationalists know Mr Griffin is a top operator who has taken on the establishment on many levels and steered the BNP ship through extremely rough waters. The current leader of the BNP clearly has to take some serious decisions to aid the ship back on the right track! Only time will tell!

    Good luck BNP……from a BNP supporter!


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