Nick Griffin, the former Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) has been expelled from membership.

A Conduct Committee established by new Party Chairman, Adam Walker took the step in a letter to Mr Griffin today.

The Conduct Committee stated:

We believe that since being given the title of honourary President, you have put all your efforts into trying to cause disunity by deliberately fabricating a state of crisis. The aim of this was to again embroil the BNP in factionalism designed to destabilise our Party.

This has included:

• Preparing a ‘report’ which tells lies about key Party personnel and finances and approving the leak of these damaging and defamatory allegations onto the internet.

• Harassing members of BNP staff and in at least one case making physical threats

• Bringing the Party into disrepute through public statements

• Publishing, causing to be published or being reckless as to the publication of untrue allegations against the Party in the form of e-mails giving a false account of your bankruptcy situation

• Disobeying legitimate, constitutional instructions given to you by our Chairman, Adam Walker aimed at preventing damage to the reputation and unity of the Party.

Mr Jefferson of the conduct committee stated:

“This has been a difficult decision to make and not one taken lightly. Although we all appreciate that Nick has achieved a lot for our Party in the past, we must also remember that the Party is bigger than any individual.

“Nick did not adjust well to being given the honourary title of President and it soon became obvious that he was unable to work as an equal member of the team and alarmingly his behaviour became more erratic and disruptive.”

Mr Griffin had been Chairman of the BNP for fifteen years until leaving his position following an Executive Council meeting in July.

Mr Griffin had previously lost his seat as a Member of the European Parliament and has been declared personally bankrupt due to a series of legal bills he ran up over several years as a result of both pursuing and defending a series of long-running cases.



  1. “Many BNP Members and supporters are trying to post comments on the BNP website but the moderators instructed by the current leadership are not allowing them through!

    “An absolutely disgraceful decision by the ‘acting’ leader and his ‘team’ and an equally pathetic article that insults the intelligence of BNP members & supporters. I very much doubt Nick Griffin will just go away quietly after so many successful years in the party. The BNP under Nick Griffin’s leadership has made a massive massive impact on British politics over many years and this is proved by the fact that the other parties have stolen many of the BNP’s policies and brought to the forefront the debate on mass immigration & the EU etc…”

    “Going by some of the leaked reports how do you expect Mr Griffin to react when he steps aside as leader only to be stabbed in the back shortly after??? Once again, a DISGRACEFUL UNJUST DECISION!!!!!!”

    “The wigton soviet gang clearly lives up to it’s name. But the BIG question is, will BNP members & supporters allow their party to be destroyed? only time will tell!”


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