Chris Barnett closes the whole of Kent BNP.

Dear Ms Grant,

As you know, when joining the British National Party new members are subject to a two year probationary period during which time we evaluate you to see if you are of good character and to ascertain whether you are compatible with the codes of conduct required to remain a member of the British National Party.

As a probationary member and taking into account your recent conduct, it has been decided that you are not suitable and that your actions have been unacceptable leading us to the conclusion that your continued membership of the British National Party would be detrimental to our organisation.

Therefore your membership is now cancelled.

We remind you that you signed an Officer Registration Form on the 11/06/2014 and that upon any breach of the terms and conditions contained in that contract, you are liable to pay the British National Party a “minimum of £4,500 in addition to any further legal costs of any and all legal proceedings and civil action we incur in enforcing the terms of your agreement with the British National Party.” Which include, but are not limited to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Computer Misuse act and all other relevant legislation”.

You are in breach of the terms and conditions of your contract with us.

These terms and conditions and the legally binding agreement you have signed with us were introduced by our former Chairman, Nick Griffin but remain in force. Breaches we have so far identified are as follows (but are not necessarily limited to):

1/ Making disparaging comments against other BNP members.

2/ Administrating a Face Book Group entitled “Nick Griffin, is proved right! A true hero of the people”, the contents of which brings the party into disrepute and contravenes our code of conduct.

The Facebook group is located at:

We instruct you to close down within 48 hours. Instructions on how to close such a group down can be found in Face Books help section. Please confirm this is done in writing to us to avoid further legal proceedings.

You are now prohibited from using any data, information, property and equipment you are holding owned by the British National Party and you are instructed to return all such property to us within 24 hours and destroy all data you hold, confirming this in writing to the Conduct Committee.

We advise you to seek urgent legal advice based on the contents of this letter.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the positive contributions you have made in the past.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Barnett

Conduct Committee Secretary

Nick Griffin’s email to Gary Tumulty

Date: 1 Oct 2014 01:21
Subject: Tonight
To: “Gary Tumulty – British National Party NWSRO” <>
Dear Gary

You ask me “where was you?” while the Salford ‘meeting’ was on tonight. So I’ll tell you:

Although Adam Walker was the scheduled guest speaker and I was not invited, I had hoped to come.

Unfortunately, however, I was stuck in Brussels. I’ve not been back there for ages but as luck would have it today was not just the date of your meeting but also the final deadline for applications to establish European Level Political Parties.

Because so many of the BNP’s serious activists understand the need for the nationalists of different countries to stand together and work together, I have played a major part in setting up a new national grouping, building on the experience of the old AENM to found the new Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we crossed the threshold of support from seven MEPs or national or regional MPS from seven different EU states , just ten minutes before the 5 p.m. deadline.

The problem was that delay from one of the signatories meant I couldn’t get away on time to reach Salford thks evening.

I also had to be in Brussels to meet with the financial bureaucrats. I have to deal with them to try to resolve the fact that they want to take much of my six months’ salary leaving allowance to repay over £20,000 of money which they have decided was wrongly claimed by, or paid to, the BNP and BNP members who were on my payroll, including your friends Adam Walker and particularly Clive Jefferson.

The good news is that I will be back in the UK solidly from tomorrow afternoon, so will be able to attend the special North West meeting that Cllr Mike Whitby announced he will be organising in St Helen’s soon.

I hope to see you there.


Nick Griffin
BNP President.

PS I hear that Kay was very brave tonight when sent to tell the angry members that neither Walker nor Jefferson were willing to face the members as promised. A good job that she’s got more balls than them! Please give her my best wishes.